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  • Association meeting 23 September 2018

     Welcome to our association meeting! On 23 September 2018 immediately after Sunday Mass. We review the upcoming activities, upcoming activities and plans.

  • Email through the association

     All members can choose to receive an email through the association. It is included in the membership fee. Confirmation that you have an email comes with the email “Your new […]

  • Congregation letter week 35

     CONGREGATION LETTER WEEK 35 25 AUGUST, 2018 CONGREGATION LETTER Parish letter from St. Pauli Catholic Assembly in Gävle “LORD, WHO SHOULD WE GO? YOU HAVE THE EVENT’S LIFE WORD ” […]

  • Interest in choir practice

     S: T Henriks Förening has intended to start choirs at different levels and wonder if there are any members who want to participate? Obligations are of course that the member […]

  • Formation of association

     During the Association’s first annual meeting on Sunday, July 8, the decision was made to start the association. Its purpose is to pursue ideal activities in developing children’s, adolescents and […]

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