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SOCIETY: S:T Henriks Förening



The name of the association is S:T Henriks Förening


The purpose; The association has as its purpose to non-profit organizations in the development of children, youth and adults’ knowledge about Swedish society, as well as Bible studies, music, language and entertainment.

§ 3:
The association’s seat is: Municipality of Sandviken

§ 4:
The association means is; the board, auditors, and the committees decided by the annual meeting / board.

§ 5:
Membership: Membership may be acquired by anyone wishing to work for the purposes of the Association as set out in §2 above.

§ 6:
Members are accepted after oral or written application by the board receiving the application and immediately giving notice of the grant of the application or, if possible, rejection of the reason. A list of members is presented in connection with the annual meeting.

§ 7:
Exit; Membership of the association applies per calendar year. Extraction must be requested no later than 15 December of the year before withdrawal.

§ 8:
The membership fee; Membership fee is annual and is determined by the annual meeting and is paid no later than one month after notification and is non-refundable.

§ 9:
The annual meeting; The annual meeting is the Association’s highest decision-making body. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the end of September. Extra annual meeting can be held when ½ part of the board finds or when ½ members of the association so call. Notice of the annual meeting or extra annual meeting shall be made in writing to the members of the association no later than 30 days before the date of the meeting.

§ 10:
Voting rights at the annual meeting; All members who have paid the membership for the year of the annual meeting have the right to vote. The annual meeting is determined by the number of members present at the meeting, but at least 3 members, apart from the board members. Voting rights also apply to members of the Board, but not in respect of discharge from the Board or in the election of auditors. Voting and elections shall be open if closed voting is not requested. In order for a decision to be valid, a simple majority shall be required except for matters relating to the amendment of statutes or the resolution of the association. At the same number of votes, the chairman of the meeting has voting votes except in the case of election when the decision is made by drawing.

§ 11:
Proposals for annual meetings.
Cases to be processed at the annual meeting must be notified in writing to the Board no later than 14 days in advance, except for matters relating to amendment of statutes or association resolution. At extra annual meetings, decisions may not be taken in questions other than those stated in the notice.

§ 12:
Issues at the annual meeting

  • Opening of the annual meeting
  • Determination of the voting length
  • Election of Chairman and Registrar
  • The election of two persons, together with the chairman, adjusts the minutes of the meeting.
  • Examination of the question of summons has been carried out pursuant to the statutes.
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Presentation of the board’s management report
  • Presentation of the auditors’ report and the determination of the balance sheet
  • Ask for discharge from the Board
  • Determining annual fees
  • Election of Chairman
  • Election of other ordinary members
  • Election of alternate members to the Board
  • Election of election committee
  • Election of auditor
  • Choice of persons to different committees
  • Other questions
  • End of the annual meeting

§ 13:
Board; The Board is when the annual meeting is not collected by the Association’s highest decision-making body. The Board shall consist of 3-5 members and 1-2 deputies. The Chairman of the Board is elected for one year. Other members are elected in two years and in such a way that half of the board is elected each year. The Board meets at the notice of the Chairman and is decision-making when more than half of the members are present. At the same number of votes, the chairman has ballots.

§ 14:
Board of Directors, etc.;
The management of the association’s activities belongs to the board.
It is the responsibility of the board

  • To implement the annual meeting took a decision
  • To manage the financial affairs of the association and, in addition, to keep accounts
  • To present to the annual meeting the annual report for the last financial year and the draft budget for the coming financial year.
  • To decide on the inclusion or exclusion of members
  • The Board is specifically authorized to buy, sell, mortgage and pledge the property’s property on behalf of the Association.

§ 15:
Association of the Association; It is the duty of the chairman to bring the association’s action, monitor its activities and lead the work of the board and to determine simpler matters, which can be resolved without calling the board or the work committee.

§ 16:
Accounts; The association’s accounts are closed per calendar year.

§ 17:
Auditors for auditing the association’s operations and financial management are appointed an auditor with an alternate. The Audit Report is submitted to the Annual General Meeting and handed to the Board not later than fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting. In the audit report, the auditor shall dismiss or dismiss the discharge from the Board.

§ 18:
Statutes; Amendments or additions to the articles of association of the association may only be decided at the annual meeting or the extraordinary meeting. Changes to the Articles of Association can only be made after decisions are taken at two consecutive meetings, one of which is the Annual General Meeting. Proposals or amendments to or additions to these statutes may only be considered at the annual meeting or extradite if submitted to the Board no later than 2 months before the annual meeting. Proposals must be sent to all members by 30 days before the annual meeting and any opinions shall be received by the Board no later than 2 weeks before the annual meeting. The notice is attached to the proposal, together with any opinion. Changes to or additions to these statutes require decisions at the annual meeting with a majority of at least 2/3 of all the votes cast

§ 19:
Resolution of the Association: Proposals for the dissolution of the association shall be made no later than three months before the annual meeting on which it is desired to be processed. Decisions can not be taken until all members have been given an opportunity to comment. Resolution on the dissolution of the association is valid only if it is taken by two consecutive annual meetings and supported by at least 2/3 of the votes cast each year. Decisions on the dissolation of the union shall include these retained funds to the Catholic Assembly to use a member to promote the Church’s activities.

§ 20:
Interpretation of statutes; When asking for interpretation of its statutes, the Board of Directors is in agreement until the matter is decided by the Annual General Meeting.

Adopted at the formation of the association 2018-07-08


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